Blended oils

Talent, Experience, Harmony

Blending is an ancient craft, striking balance between innate talent and experience, between technique and curiosity, between patience and the desire to experiment: blending is the art of combining oils from different cultivars, harmonizing their flavors, aromas, and tastes, to create something unique and superior to the starting ingredients.

Blending involves selecting elements with different characteristics and combining them in the right balance to achieve a result that surpasses the quality of each individual part.

It is an art that requires extensive knowledge of olive oil, to assess the characteristics of each individual monocultivar extra virgin, capture their nuances, and skillfully combine and calibrate them with precision, in an extraordinary balance of character, flavor, aroma, and fragrance.

Our blends are conceived to create extra virgin oils with perfectly balanced organoleptic characteristics, capable of satisfaying the the most decerning palates.

Intense green with golden hues, flooding your senses with vegetal notes, dominated by the herbaceous sensation of artichoke, almond, and tomato, followed by a pleasant bitter and spicy notes of medium intensity.

Blended oils


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San Filippo

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