High-Density Olive Farming

Passion, Nature, Tradition

High-density intensive olive farming is an innovative cultivation technique that allows for significant cost savings and excellent quality of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Planting pattern of 2 x 4 meters with approximately 1,400 plants per hectare to form a long hedge about 2 meters high, where the olive tree is cultivated using specific pruning techniques to control the plant’s vigor and promote exposure to the sun.
  • Use of continuous harvesting machines to obtain fruits at the perfect degree of ripeness.
  • Automation fertigation to reduce waist of water, ensure¬† good productivity and oil quality.
The main cultivars that we choose are:


Cultivar developed by the National Research Council (CNR) based on the ‘Frantoio’ variety. It represents one of the best-suited cultivar for this type of cultivation. The resulting oil has a color ranging from green to yellow-gold. Its sweet and fruity flavor distinctly recalls the olives themselves, with hints of herbs and artichoke, representing the perfect balance between sweetness and fragrance. The oil is also characterized by very low acidity and has a high quantity of polyphenols with extraordinary antioxidant properties. Its full-bodied structure gives this extra virgin olive oil the ability to enhance the foods it is paired with.

Don Carlo

Cultivar developed by the National Research Council (CNR) based on the ‘Frantoio’ variety. It boasts numerous valuable biological and agronomic characteristics: moderate vigor, self-fertility, early entry into production, high productivity, high oil yield, late ripening, good cold resistance, and tolerance to common plant diseases. The resulting oil has an elegant aroma with hints of green tomato, aromatic herbs, and freshly cut lettuce. The taste is enveloping, with a well-expressed bitterness, delicate spiciness, and beautiful fruity notes.


It is among the most widespread cultivar in high-density plantations and it is considered the reference variety for this type of cultivation. Possessing a high level of self-fertility, moderate vigor, and a medium to high canopy density, it is very early to enter into production with consistently high and stable productivity. It produces oils of decidedly very good quality, with an excellent sensory profile due to its outstanding balance, making it an ideal base for various blends, including high-quality products, and suitable for any international market.