Olive cultivation

Quality, Sustainability, Health

We are proud of our commitment to promote agriculture in harmony with the wonderful territory of Campofilone. Our goal is to produce excellent extra virgin olive oil, thai is rich in nutritional properties and rooted in our precious food tradition. Olive cultivation is much more than a simple agricultural activity for us. It means acting with awareness in the face of crucial challenges related to people’s growing awareness of food safety and quality, the ecological sustainability of the land cultivation, and the health and safety of our collaborators. Our dedication to responsible agriculture reflects our commitment to the local community and the environment to be part of a shift towards more sustainable farming practices and contribute to the well-being of our community.

Our commitment is focused on organic farming. We cultivate cover crops to enrich the soil with nitrogen and use organic or naturally derived mineral fertilizers to improve the physical, chemical, and microbiological characteristics of the soil.

We adopt precision farming to calculate the nutrient balance to determine the correct quantities of fertilizers to apply to the crops.

We ensure a rational and sustainable water supply during times when the olive tree is most sensitive to stresses such as bud differentiation, flowering and pollination, fruit swelling, and pit hardening.

We protect olive trees from adversities caused by harmful organisms using all available factors and techniques to keep their populations below thresholds that result in economic damage, fully respecting ecological, toxicological, and economic principles.

We employ cover cropping on cultivated surfaces, maintain wooded areas, trees, and hedges to strengthen the biodiversity of the agrosystem and achieve an optimal balance of both beneficial and harmful organisms. All of this not only allows us to practice agriculture in harmony with our land, eliminate ecological footprint, and respect biodiversity but also helps us pursue goals of quality and excellence.

We stive for these goals by trying and learning in the field to find the most effective solutions, making mistakes and correcting our course. Just like in our lives, we learn to live through experiences and not innatly.

It is a wonderful emotional journey that serves to improve ourselves, our well-being, and, hopefully, our feelings towards the world that hosts us.

For this reason, we are proud every day of the little things we do.

Explore the Process

Transparency, quality, and love for the land are the keywords that represent our organic process.

We have selected local varieties threatened by genetic erosion and other varieties that adapt to high-density cultivation systems to ensure excellent quality in our extra virgin olive oil.

The Selection

We harvest the olives slightly before they reach perfect ripeness. The oil we obtain is rich in polyphenols, with antioxidant properties and a distinctive bitter and pungent note.

The Harvest

We process the olives within 8 hours of harvesting, using continuous cycle plants according to the 'cold pressing' method, where the temperature never exceeds 27°C. This way, the oil maintains unchanged nutritional and physical characteristics, preserving its properties and enhancing the benefits derived from it when consumed.

The Craftsmanship

Through our simple and intuitive marketplace, you can order your oil whenever and wherever you want. We process orders within one day, allowing you to savor our oil as soon as possible.


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