Cultivar: Leccino, Carboncella, Raggia, Sargano, Lea

Color: Intense green with golden nuances

Smell: Medium fruity, with the scent of almond, artichoke, and fresh grass

Taste: In the mouth, olfactory notes of almond and artichoke are confirmed. The bold sensory profile is accompanied by bitter and spicy notes that give it a kick in the throat, as befits an extra virgin rich in antioxidants.

Pairings: Perfect for robust dishes such as boiled beef, braised or pot roast, grilled red meats, legume or vegetable soups, bruschetta, and beef tartare. Oliverotto is a powerful and characterful oil, much like our ancestor Oliverotto Euffreducci from Fermo, who in 1502 conquered the Lordship of Fermo (see The Prince – Machiavelli – Chapter 8).

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