Single-varietal oils

Personality, Elegance, Excellence

Monovarietal oils are the ultimate expression of our land.

They are powerful, sincere, and distinguished oils with a yellow-green color and a generally medium to medium-intense fruity profile, very aromatic, and balanced in flavor profile.

The monovarietals from Mondomini are extra virgin oils that preserve the typical character of the original cultivars.

Thanks to their very low acidity and highly balanced compositional, nutritional, and sensory characteristics, they are inevitably capable of adding an original extra touch  to the most sophisticated recipes and satisfying the tastes of the most discerning and passionate consumers.

The dominant features to the nose are the complete and fragrant characteristics typical of the cultivars of origin, with delicate and gentle hints of tomato, grass, artichoke, and almond. On the palete, they fully confirm the fresh and vibrant olfactory notes without exceeding in bitter and spicy tones, concluding with notes of medium intensity.

Mondomini monovarietals are extra virgin oils capable of imparting a unique and exquisite flavor to every dish.

Single-varietal oils


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