Culture, Agriculture, Gastronomy

The Mondomini Agriturismo is the ideal destination to immersed experience moments in nature, promoting physical and mental well-being, and discover the oil, food, and wine culture of the Marche region.

Mondomini’s experiential packages offer unique experiences in harmony with the seasons. Whether you want to explore nature in spring, enjoy summer relaxation, immerse yourself in autumn traditions, or experience the magic of winter, you will find tailor-made packages for each period. Choose the time that best suits your preferences to enjoy an unforgettable journey of discovery through the treasures of the Marche.

Oil Tastings

Oil tTasting at Mondomini is a comprehensive journey into the fascinating world of extra virgin olive oil. You will explore the olive groves, learning about the growth stages and the importance of each stage for the production of high-quality oil. In the tasting room, you will identify aromas, perceive flavors, and discover gastronomic pairings, highlighting the oil as a key ingredient. An experience that goes beyond a simple tasting but explores how oil can uniquely transform and enrich the culinary experience.

The Pork Track

The Pork Track is an event that allows you to discover and appreciate the traditional pork butchery tradition of the Marche region. Participants can witness the processing of typical cured meats, learn traditional techniques, and taste freshly prepared products.

The event is an engaging and authentic experience, providing a glimpse into the culture and gastronomy of the Marche region.


Mondomini Agriturismo welcomes you to an engaging and immersive experience dedicated to olive care and the exploration of their agronomic cycle. Pruning is led by experts who will illustrate fundamental techniques and tools in the field. They will share their knowledge about the olive growth cycle, from flowering to fruit maturation. After the fieldwork, we will head to the tasting room for a culinary preparation session focused on extra virgin olive oil. With passionate chefs, you will create delicious dishes, taste different oil varieties, and participate in a carefully paired lunch showcasing the excellences of Valdaso, creating a memorable gastronomic experience. The Mondomini experience offers a complete immersion into olive oil production, combining hands-on work, learning, and authentic culinary enjoyment.

Harvest and pressing

Explore the fascinating world of extra virgin olive oil with an unforgettable experience in Mondomini. Take an active part in the harvest and pressing of olives, delving into the captivating realm of extra virgin olive oil from the field to the table. Guided by the estate owner, discover the secrets of cultivation, from pruning to pest control. Led by a passionate chef, prepare and savor bruschettas, appetizers, main courses, and desserts, celebrating the freshness and authenticity of the ingredients. Conclude your experience by taking home a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, an authentic gastronomic treasure to share with family and friends. You will live an extraordinary day among the olive trees of Mondomini, encapsulating the essence of this experience in your kitchen.

Harvesting wild herbs

Explore nature, learn local cooking, and connect with tradition during the foraging and tasting experience of wild herbs at the farmhouse. We provide tools for foraging and lead an informative walk in the fields, where you will learn about wild herbs and their properties. After the foraging, we will prepare delicious dishes in the tasting room, celebrating the freshness of local ingredients and providing an authentic culinary experience.

Cooking school

Welcome to the Mondomini Cooking School, where culinary tradition and authenticity come together. Guided by a passionate local chef, you will learn to prepare fish broth, homemade egg pasta, and sweet cakes with extra virgin olive oil. The experience will also include olives alla marchigiana, fried creams, and typical products from the Marche charcuterie tradition. The day concludes with a tasting of the dishes made, complemented by local wines, offering a complete immersion into the regional gastronomic culture.